Short Story: A Breath of Romance

They sat across the room from each other, neither saying a word.

But she kept waving. Beckoning him closer.

He knew the danger. He’d been warned of her reputation. But he couldn’t stay away.

She was so slim and tall. And the way she moved her body was hypnotic.

He sat down next to her, but she played it cool. She always played it cool.

She looked around the room, anywhere but at him. So he turned away too.

That’s when she blew in his ear.

Her voice was a whisper that touched his soul. Her words a low murmur, too quiet to make out.

He inched closer.


She blew into his ear once more.

Then she bit it in a moment of pure ecstasy.

The two EMT’s looked at each other as they slammed the ambulance door.

“Can’t believe the guy just shoved his ear straight into an oscillating fan.”

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